Dredging & Dewatering
Grouting of Joints & Laterals

Our solution to the problem of excessive infiltration.

Excavation & Soil Remediation
Sewer Cleaning

Services include High Velocity Jetting & Power Bucketing.

Sewer Cleaning & TV Inspection
Digital TV Inspection

We use the latest CCTV equipment and reporting methods.

About Metropolitan Environmental Services

Robinson Pipe Cleaning, Co. is part of Carylon Corporation, the largest and most experienced mainte-
nance contractor in the nation.
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Capabilities and Services

Our services include: chemical cleaning; digester cleaning; hydro-blast cleaning; hydro-vac excavating; oil spill cleanup; sewer cleaning; sewer TV inspection; tank/pit cleaning and wet/dry vacuuming.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our work is offered on a 24/7 Emergency Basis and is backed by a guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.
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